LeadsBasket is an online marketplace for
buying and selling high-quality leads

I want to buy leads,
how much will it cost?

At LeadsBasket, you’re the customer, so you’re the king. This means, you decide how much you want to pay per lead and then we’ll work our magic to deliver leads at that price or even less! If you are not sure how much to bid, we’ll help you with recommendations.

Is there a minimum
amount I should deposit
into my account

There is no minimum, but bear in mind, great leads aren’t free, so set yourself a reasonable budget.
Don’t forget that once your balance is too low, your campaigns will pause.

With our geo-targeting feature, you can choose per campaign where you want leads from, plus you can even decide which language.

Where in the world can
I get leads from?

I don’t need leads at night or on weekends, now what?

Great question, we’ve got the answer. Simply schedule the hours and days of the week that suit you and your business. If you want leads 24/7/365, we can do that too!

Sure we can! We’ve got a super flexible, drag and drop, visual form builder that lets you create exactly what you need in no time at all. If you can click your mouse, you can build a form!

I need a registration form for
the leads that come to my
site, can you help me out?

I’ve got a CRM platform, can I integrate with LeadsBasket?

If you’ve got a CRM…fantastic! We’ve got a RESTful API so your leads can go direct to your CRM.
If you don’t have CRM, no worries, we’ll send the leads direct to your mailbox. Now that’s cool!

Of course! With our powerful management console packed with reporting, analytics and graphs, you can figure out what’s working and what needs tweaking. With great power, comes great optimization…

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